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Hurricane Sandy

11/7/2012 - By Marea Edynak

Many friends and clients are emailing and calling to see how we and NYC fared during Hurricane Sandy.


As I write I am looking out the window at the at the season's first snow. A Northeaster is on the way and due to hit in a few hours. So far I am warm and dry.


Most New Yorkers are fine and only suffered minor hurricane related inconveniences. Many lost power for a few days and some are still waiting for their electricity and steam heat to be turned back on. Subway, bus and train riders had big delays and crowding. Walking was quicker then the creeping gridlocked traffic. And some unfortunate people are still trying to exist in devastated areas. My heart goes out to them.


We left our hurricane secure home in Miami for NYC just days before Hurricane Sandy arrived with her howling winds and unprecedented high tides. She made landfall during a full harvest moon. We had planned to enjoy mild Indian Summer days and the changing colors of the trees. 


Who would ever guess we would leave Miami to put ourselves in the middle of a Super Storm?


Being from Florida and having lived through some terrible hurricanes, we knew what to do and we quickly prepared with a full tank of gas in the car, back up power, flashlights, batteries, battery operated and hand cranked radios, back up TV, canned and dried food and water and lots of candles....and a case of wine.  Luckily we did not need most of them. 


We fared really well during the hurricane, thank goodness. We are on a little hill in the center of Manhattan so we had no flooding and no damage. We had a few twigs and small tree limbs in the garden and the front of the house. Some of the areas near the water were hard hit. The East River and the Hudson River both overflowed their banks. Most of the areas on the Atlantic Ocean were devastated and it will take them a long time to recover, if ever. 


We have cleaned up after several floods in both Miami the Florida Keys and it is unimaginably difficult. Flood waters aren't the same clean waters you swim in. They are mixed with muck, debris and other yucky and sometimes toxic things. Even though it is 20 years later I'm having nightmares, flash backs and am reliving the trauma of Hurricane Andrew. That time we were 3 weeks with out electricity in the heat and humidity of summer. 


So we are very grateful not to have to face that cleanup again.  For the time being we have a refugee living with us in our apartment.  Her house was 5 blocks from the ocean in New Jersey. It is still standing but is flooded.


New Yorkers are strong and just about everybody who can is helping in some way.


Most of Manhattan was up and running in less than 12 hours. Stores are open, restaurants are serving delicious meals, and the Broadway theaters are back in the business of entertaining us.


I will keep tuned to NY 1 and keep you posted on what is open and what is closed. 

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